Haul Cargo started in 2005 with one goal—to streamline transportation the executives. Across the nation, dock to dock, and over all significant transportation modes, Haul Cargo empowers organizations to send their items with its productive vehicle of merchandise rapidly, safely and cost-adequately.

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    As a contractual worker we guarantee to deal with all store network the executives, to make your shipments travel sheltered, quick and on schedule.

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    Freight Insurance

    Express Care is an exceptional protection program, our point is to guarantee all our shipment. Inclusion 100% for any harm or misfortune. Paces of protection (%) depend of the nature and cost of item. It would be ideal if you note that protection is working for all sort of cargo and all transportation technique.

    Import Your Car

    Bringing in a vehicle in Thailand is anything with the exception of a simple errand to achieve. You should accomplish a sizable desk work, regardless of the kind of vehicle and reason for this import. Contingent upon the time you need your vehicle to remain in the region of Thailand, you can be dutiable to pay zero to 200% of the estimation of your vehicle.

    Excess Baggage

    Sorting out an outing abroad can be distressing, particularly when you will be away for delayed timeframes. On the off chance that you have a great deal of gear you need to take yet the extortionate aircraft overabundance stuff charges aren't excessively engaging, things delivery might be the answer for you.

    International Removals

    Our central goal is to help them at each phase of the procedure. From the flight to the appearance, we will deal with each progression including capacity, customs freedom, send out/import licenses, pressing and the cargo (street, air, ocean). A careful information on global guideline empowers us to live up to our clients desires regarding effectiveness and timing.

    Relocation And Moving

    Ordinarily, we prescribe our customers to make a meeting with us in any event three months before the moving date. This is to guarantee we can furnish an itemized and exact conference with respect to the citation and steps required all through the moving procedure. This additionally enables plentiful time for you to decide the things to be moved, sold, parted with, or put away at any of our storerooms.


    We invest wholeheartedly in our trucking division. Our drivers are proficient and dependable; it is ameliorating to realize that when we tell a client our truck will be at their office at a foreordained time, it will be there.

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    Special Services

    Rail Freight

    The decision of multi-purpose transport lessens cargo costs by offering an answer other than rough terrain shipping. Rail permits long haul supply and entryway to-entryway administration. This is an additional incentive for organizations hoping to extend their business.

    Less Than Truck Load

    This sets aside cash, particularly by abstaining from leasing a compartment or a whole truck for a couple of merchandise. In this manner, the gathered products are sent to one and a similar goal, before being disseminated to their individual goal.

    Oversiezed Items

    For household or worldwide vehicle, you may require larger than average cargo. This may require exceptional consideration or dealing with. Regardless of whether it's overwhelming trucking, dispatching or rail, Express Shipping has the correct coordinations answers for your redid products.

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    Visit our dedicated website for personal belongings transportation

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